IDG To Implement $58M USAID Technical Assistance Project for Economic Growth (TAP EG)

IDG will provide USAID’s Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI), Center for Economics and Market Development (EMD), and operating units with rigorous and independent technical analysis, design, implementation, capacity development, and knowledge management support across a range of USAID sectors globally.

International Development Group LLC (IDG) has recently been awarded the five-year, $58 million Technical Assistance Project for Economic Growth (TAP EG) under the OASIS Small Business (Pool 1) contract mechanism. TAP EG will provide technical leadership, advisory support, data collection and analysis, and evaluations and assessments while delivering knowledge management support and capacity-building services to assist in the design and implementation of USAID programs, projects, and activities globally. In addition, TAP EG will conduct a range of applied research—including macroeconomic analyses, financial analyses, policy studies, private sector assessments, stakeholder landscape assessments—and provide on-demand technical assistance services across a wide range of USAID sectors. TAP EG services are available to USAID Bureaus, offices, and operating units who buy-in to the mechanism.

Through TAP EG activities, IDG will support the implementation of USAID’s Economic Growth, Private Sector Engagement, and Trade Capacity Building policies, Digital Strategy, and Employment Framework, as well as USAID’s work on the Principles for Digital Development and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation. In alignment with Agency priorities, IDG will assist USAID to maximize the impact of its work around the world by applying insights from behavioral science and experimental economics to its program design and implementation, and rigorously assess the impact of its programming by using the best available evidence to determine cost-effectiveness.

IDG will provide technical leadership in the following areas under TAP EG:

  • Informing the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning of USAID economic growth, market development, trade and regulatory reform programming, digital development, and private sector engagement principles and approaches;
  • Identification of opportunities, challenges, and progress toward sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction across USAID sectors;
  • Financial and economic analyses to determine cost-effectiveness, value for money, and alternative approaches to development programming;
  • National, sub-national, and sector-level economic analysis and economic growth diagnostics to inform USAID programmatic priorities and policies.
  • Technical assistance on a range of technical areas in support to sustainable economic growth; and
  • On-demand technical support across all USAID sectors and geographies.

IDG looks forward to working with USAID DDI/EMD and its partners on this important global initiative.