Trainings Held in Kyrgyz Republic on Strengthening Public Debt Management

On March 23 and 24, 2022, the USAID Indo-Pacific Opportunity Project (IPOP) team held trainings through a buy-in activity called “Strengthening Public Debt Management in the Kyrgyz Republic.”

The trainings were held at the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, and were dedicated to the development of the securities market and increasing the country’s public debt sustainability.

The participants analyzed gaps in the legislative framework for the domestic securities market of the Kyrgyz Republic, with experts facilitating and providing recommendations. The trainings were followed by constructive discussions on the development of the domestic securities market of the Kyrgyz Republic and recommendations for a cash management strategy.

The trainings were attended by 29 participants who are employees of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the National Bank, the State Financial Supervision Authority, the Social Fund, Commercial Banks, the Central Treasury, the Central Depository, the Stock Exchange. Read more on the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Finance site.


About IPOP

Awarded in Spring 2021 under the PFM II IDIQ, IDG is creating targeted activities that improve the macroeconomic policy environment to promote sustainable economic growth and prosperity, improved regional economic cooperation, sound management of institutions, and good governance while also leveling the playing field for businesses in the Asia region. As IPOP completes its first full year of implementation, programs are operating at full speed.

IDG is working to provide the Asia Bureau and Missions with a flexible, on-demand mechanism to facilitate rapid, sustainable, and equitable economic growth by enabling USAID to bring a systems approach to addressing Public Financial Management (PFM) objectives under the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Trainings held in Kyrgyz Republic on public debt management, March 23-24, 2022.
Trainings held in Kyrgyz Republic on public debt management, March 23-24, 2022.