USAID EDGE Project: A Case Study in Localization

USAID’s EDGE Project, implemented by IDG, reflects all the principles of of USAID’s Localization Initiative, building capacity of local organizations in the Europe and Eurasia region, engaging with local counterparts to hear their voices and ensure their buy-in, and utilizing local organizations through grants and subcontracts, as well as local personnel. Read the EDGE localization case study here.

USAID Administrator Samantha Power visited USAID EDGE project grantee Casa Veche, a rural guesthouse, that has been hosting Ukrainian refugees from the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. Learn more about her visit here.

USAID Moldova Admin Power 2022
USAID/Moldova. Left: Administrator Samantha Power. Center from the left to the right: guesthouse host Tatiana Arama, MCTA Project Director Tatiana Durlestean Right: Irina Nasalciuc, USAID/Moldova Activity Manager.