Areas of Expertise

Budgeting and Expenditure Management

Carefully prepared budgets and sound expenditure management help create a fiscal environment that provides needed public expenditures, creates macro stability and enables private-sector development. IDG assists ministries of finance to form realistic budgets and expenditure plans that align with policy priorities while accounting for macro constraints. We can provide assistance for: evidence-based budget processes, including performance-based budgeting, rolled out beyond ministries of finance, to implementing line ministries; and the hard and soft systems needed to support expenditure management (GFMIS, circulars, manuals, training, etc.). We work with countries to form strategies for managing debt, including: helping national and sub-national governments with calculating projected debt repayment schedules and financing needs, in managing cash flow, and in designing and implementing financing strategies.

IDG can provide assistance across a range of areas:

  • Budgeting and expenditure management
  • Developing a Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)
  • Building a robust treasury system based on a Single Treasury Account (STA)
  • Introducing a modern Government Financial Management Information Systems (GFMIS)
  • Building independent internal and external audit functions to ensure checks and balances are instituted and operational

Project Experience

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