Areas of Expertise

Market Systems/Competitiveness

IDG utilizes a market-systems approach to achieve private sector development and economic growth. This approach lays emphasis on the 5Rs (resources, roles, relationships, rules, and results) and the ways they are connected. A market systems approach aims to grasp the ways in which markets operate by understanding the factors that hinder economic diversification in Regional Value Chains (RCVs) and Global Value Chains (GVCs). Our market-systems approach usually entails utilizing Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) and Theoretical RCA to determine economic growth and diversification priorities. Our activities can focus on the following factors affecting markets:

  • Tax and regulatory standards requirements
  • Commercial business consultancy and advisory services
  • Commercial and technical information access
  • Financial services access
  • Market access
  • Product development
  • Transport costs
  • Workforce development

Project Experience

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