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PPPs/SEZs/Industrial Estates

IDG operates under the philosophy that there is no cookie-cutter solution for SEZ development. While general best practices exist, each zone to be developed must reflects a country’s unique socio economic position and must take into account its long-term development goals. The successful creation and operation of a special economic zone recognizes a country’s unique position and applies the correct strategies that mirrors its goals.

IDG with its expertise in advising on SEZ development strategy is in a prime position to aid countries in the following capabilities:

Feasibility Studies of SEZs

IDG’s experts have experience in conducing feasibility studies of SEZs. Our seasoned team has global experience in assessing not only the financial and economic viability of economic zones, but determining the type of physical on and off-site infrastructure, environmental, and engineering requirements for a zone in order to best plan and design the facilities for sustainability and viability, setting the zone up for short, medium and long-term success.

Analyzing the Business Enabling Environment

IDG is a leader in examining the business and enabling climate of a country, region, urban and rural area (the process of doing business and implementing reforms) that eliminates barriers, reduces associated costs and streamlines processes and procedures in order to promote increased and varied new local and foreign investment. Our experts in business regulation and One-Stop Shops design have helped countries become more competitive by assessing the constraints to business growth and identifying opportunities for improvement that helps position a nation’s SEZ regime and framework through targeted reforms.

SEZ Institutional Reform

IDG is experienced in assessing identifying and assessing appropriate institutional structures for an SEZ regime. Our team can set up institutional frameworks, design institutional structures for the SEZ Authority and clearly define institutional and organizational roles that increase operational efficiency, improve transparency and reduce transactional costs. Our experts draw from their vast experiences, lessons learnt, and global/international best practices to advise on procurement processes, structuring PPPs, standard operating procedures, and capacity building for SEZ regulators.

Project Experience

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