Areas of Expertise

Workforce Development

An essential component of sustainable economic development is workforce development. Individuals having equitable access to learning new skills and being able to adapt to changing technologies is critical to workforce development. Many young people—especially women, girls, and marginalized communities around the world—have experienced disruptions in formal education due to conflict and displacement, among other structural barriers. A focus on youth is critical to workforce development as those under the age of 25 make up more than half of the world, and over 80% of them live in developing countries. We build human capital by training young people to learn new skills. Our workforce development programs provide practical training and education that can realistically translate to employment and improve overall labor markets. A fundamental tenet of successful workforce development is to focus on teaching the specific skills that are in demand by local employers seeking to hire workers. Some of the ways we provide these services include:

  • Providing Vocational Education and Training (VET), particularly to youth, women, and girls
  • Increasing the capacity of vocational education institutions to efficiently provide more quality training to youth
  • Improving data collection and analysis on labor markets
  • Enhancing job opportunities for skilled laborers both in the formal and informal economy
  • Reforming labor laws and government education curricula requirements to reduce barriers to workforce development

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