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The International Development Arena aims to bring thought and practice together. The Arena is a Communications and Knowledge Management Platform, which serves as a community of practice to share technical skills, publish relevant blog posts, trainings, and promote knowledge learning events.

IDG—the company behind the Arena—is a rapidly growing international development organization serving USAID, MCC, and other international donors. The Arena aims to bring together IDG’s mission of strategically thinking about how to best implement US-funded projects, while showcasing our on-the-ground expertise.

The Arena primarily focuses on strategies to promote inclusive economic growth in developing countries to alleviate world poverty. The Arena’s events bring together world-renowned economists, strategists, researchers, and practitioners to discuss ways that everyone in international development can contribute to a more prosperous world, whether they are in Washington, D.C. or Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Arena is hosting a series of virtual events focused on identifying the defining challenges and opportunities for supporting inclusive, sustainable and resilient economic recovery and growth. This is set against the backdrop of the pandemic, trade barriers, geopolitics, climate change, and resulting current global economic conditions. These events discuss how the Biden administration should focus on ensuring poor and marginalized communities are brought into the economic growth net given this time period’s specific challenges.

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