Georgia Enterprise Accounting Reform (GEAR) Project

Europe and Eurasia
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Republic of Georgia
Project Status: 

This project was designed to be all encompassing accounting reform program. The project objective was to strengthen business enterprises through accounting reforms that including the adoption of the International Accounting Standards (IAS). IDG managed a large team of accounting professionals that provided financial management, advice and training to several hundred micro, small and medium enterprise owners and managers. The IDG Team, in conjunction with Georgia's Minister of Finance Office, introduced accounting reforms, completed hands-on enterprise-level assistance in conversion techniques for Georgian firms, initiated educational reforms and offered professional training. The IDG team also created a progressive legal and regulatory framework intended to foster the creation of self-regulatory bodies that would further the growth of the accounting industry. All of these efforts helped increase user awareness of, and capacity for, utilization of accounting information during this three-year program that is regarded by USAID/Georgia as one of its "flagship" efforts.