Rural Telecommunications Distribution Study

Europe and Eurasia
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IDG, in cooperation with ICO, completed a comprehensive project to design innovative strategies to deliver phone services to widely dispersed rural communities and create small business opportunities for entrepreneurs in these areas. The Rural Satellite Telecommunications and Distribution Study was for a major international telecommunications client planning to enter 15 emerging markets over two years. The project objectives were to analyze foreseeable roll-out methodologies for rural and remote telecommunications services, as well as to conduct a financial/commercial (business case) analysis, including each user group addressed, from which to make an informed, financially-based decision regarding which rural/remote roll-out scheme was best suited for the client's semi-fixed market

The business case analysis helped to guide the client's investments, and also examined the viability of a franchise or licensed-based distribution network involving a large number of locally-owned small businesses. Studies were conducted for large, diverse markets in Brazil and Russia.