Georgia Enterprise Support Program (GESP)

Status: Completed

IDG led the Georgia Enterprise Support Program, a consortium of organizations in this three-year micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) development program in the Republic of Georgia. This national-wide project, served as the foundation for USAID/Georgia’s strategy to accelerate the growth and development of MSMEs, and was designed to offer an integrated package of interventions targeted at the primary constraints of enterprise development.

IDG successfully built capacity in indigenous business associations and with business service providers, created an enabling private sector environment through legal and regulatory reforms, educated government officials and the public on private sector issues, and provided training in best practices in business operations and financial management.  In particular, IDG created a baseline study that defined the status and assistance needs of local enterprises, business associations, advocacy groups, and credit organizations.  Based on this assessment, IDG initiated the development of a sustainable system of 25 credit unions, a public education initiative, and a legal services unit.  Training courses in internationally recognized financial operations, strategy, and management procedures were also provided to enable MSMEs to function independently.

This project allowed the enterprises throughout the region to gain the necessary tools to grow their businesses.


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