Increasing the Efficiency of Public Investment

Latin America and Caribbean
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Through the Increasing Efficiency of Public Invesment project, IDG assisted with strengthening Haiti's public investment system through expanding government capacity and promoting transparency in making investment decisions. IDG provided training in project design, cost benefit analysis, and monitoring and evaluation to improve the analytic capacity of the government to design public investment projects.

The high-quality training program contributed to an increase in the net benefits of public investment and involved analyzing projects in conjunction with the Government of Haiti from idea, inception, design, pre-feasibility, and full feasibility. Specific training topics included analysis of public-private partnerships and how they benefit infrastructure investment, as well as appraisals of projects under current regulatory regimes to determine if they increase national welfare. The complex and multifaceted nature of the project required a team of experts with a diverse range of skills in areas including cost benefit analysis, project finance, public-private partnerships, regulation of monopolies, M&E, public investment, financial modeling, and economic analysis. The team consistently exceled in rapid mobilization, adaptability, and coordination between international personnel, local staff, and the home office.