MCC Tunisia Business Climate Improvement Project Due Diligence Activity

Status: Completed

The Project conducted due diligence in trade facilitation including compliance with the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), regulatory reform, logistics zones, political economy analysis, and customs IT systems to support MCC’s Business Climate Improvement Project. The project assessed the Government of Tunisia’s proposed inventions compared to best-practices in each of the technical areas and refined criteria for selecting sectors and activities to improve the business climate. A particular area of focus was the simplification and digitalization of commerce procedures for which the Project conducted a comprehensive trade facilitation needs assessment and a political economy analysis of Tunisia’s trade regime. The Project did an initial assessment of IT needs for customs to compliment proposed reforms. The Project also assessed transport and logistics reform, including the development of logistics zones and what role customs would play in these zones.


  • Middle East and North Africa

Country / Countries

  • Tunisia
Middle East and North Africa