Tunisia ICT Competitiveness Project

Middle East and North Africa
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The "Tunisia ICT Competitiveness Project" aimed to promote entrepreneurship and assist SMEs in select sectors using a three pronged approach:

Task 1: Stimulate ICT Entrepreneurship and Company Development

  • Partner with ICT and ICT-enabled companies to provide enterprise-level technical assistance and training.
  • Partner with financial institutions to facilitate access to finance and equity investment.
  • Assist companies in identifying, developing, and penetrating export markets.
  • Identify six non-ICT sectors with growth potential and provide companies with jobs to fill in those sectors, cost-shared training and technical assistance to help them to upgrade.

Task 2: Growing and Developing the Workforce

  • Partner with companies to provide training opportunities linked to job placement.
  • Improve workforce skills to increase employability.
  • Support enhancements to ICT higher education to better meet the needs of employers
  • Cofinance skills gap training for job candidates
  • Develop labor market supply and demand data and create employment events.

Task 3: Developing ICT Policy and Regulatory Reform

  • Assess major ICT-relevant laws and regulations.
  • Identify the legal and regulatory constraints impeding ICT and ICT-enabled growth.
  • Support the development of ICT policy and regulatory reform strategy