PFM II Egypt Economic Governance for Development Project (EGDP)

Status: Completed

USAID/Egypt is undertaking multi-year assistance to the Government of Egypt (GOE) in the broad area of economic governance. USAID selected International Development Group LLC (IDG) to implement the Egyptian Economic Governance for Development Project (EGDP).  EGDP implemented bridge activities intended to support GOE initiatives to strengthen inclusion and transparency of economic governance as a means toward improved economic well-being for Egyptians.  USAID/Egypt’s program priorities include:

  • Business Enabling Environment Increased
  • Increased Good Governance.

EGDP’s activities address the following three pillars:

  • GOE Governance Reform Management
  • Anti-Corruption and Other Civil Service Training
  • One Stop Shop (OSS)/Single Window Effectiveness.

The activities include analysis and design studies related to future economic governance programming as well as the implementation of shorter-term activities.


  • Sub-Saharan Africa

Country / Countries

  • Egypt

Areas of Expertise


The EGDP project analyzed Egypt’s recent performance on the World Bank Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGIs) at the aggregate and individual governance indicator levels for: Government Effectiveness, Regulatory Quality, and Control of Corruption. The project also conducted a workshop on “Governance Indicators and Egypt’s Future Perspectives.”

Economic Governance

EGDP initiated work with the USAID Macro-Economic Stabilization and Reform (MESR) project to jointly organize a roundtable discussion with GOE counterparts on the Ministry of Planning and Economic   Development’s   approach   to, and   responsibilities   for, governance   performance   monitoring systems. EGDP conducted an analysis of the laws governing anti-corruption and a matrix reflecting the mandates of different entities within the GOE responsible for anti-corruption based on the review of all anti-corruption related laws.


The EGDP conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of the legal and institutional framework of the current GOE anti-corruption strategy. EGDP finalized the two studies analyzing the legal framework governing anti-corruption, identifying gaps, and providing recommendations to the institutional framework and public institutions in Egypt at the central and local levels.

Capacity Building

The EGDP team conducted several capacity assessment sessions to review the One Stop Shop / Citizen Service Center’s structure, operations, human capacity, and work streams to identify potential capacity building needs.