Support Planning, Administration and Oversight of Venezuela Interim Government (SVIG)

Status: Completed, 2020-2022

The Support Planning, Administration and Oversight of the Interim Government of Venezuela (SVIG) project provides the Venezuela Interim Government (IG) the capacity it requires to function effectively as an administrative unit with sectoral as well as diplomatic, legislative, legal and communication capacity. The SVIG objectives include:

  • Support of a coordination body that allows the IG to vet and make decisions related to Plan the political and economic crisis in the country, and management of resources.
  • Supporting the IG representation responsibilities in Washington DC and other embassies and consulates.
  • Providing initial support to the Special Attorney General of Venezuela to carry out its functions.
  • Conducting an assessment of the current state of affairs of public financial management in Venezuela and where the United States Government (USG) can provide initial technical assistance and training that allows the IG to effectively manage all resources allotted to it including resources from different donors, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), as well as its own, in accordance with accepted international accounting standards.


  • Global
  • Latin America and the Caribbean

Country / Countries

  • Venezuela
Latin America and the Caribbean

International Development Group LLC (IDG) is supporting the IG through the SVIG project’s four (4) project Components:

  • Under Component 1, support personnel and other costs in Venezuela.
  • Under Components 2 and 3, support of personnel and other direct costs for the US and Colombia based Diplomatic representation and other key embassy sites worldwide, including support for the Special Attorney General’s office and the Commission for Asset Control.
  • Under Component 4, technical assistance to the IG in areas of public financial management and others as needed.

Areas of Expertise

Public Financial Management

IDG proposed technical assistance to the IG in agreed-upon areas related to public financial management and setting up the institutions needed to run the Government, first in exile, and then in-country. Discussions on the PFM technical assistance are ongoing during this period, pending clarification of IG needs and of assistance to be provided in this area from other agencies. IDG has led discussions on the PFM technical assistance with the IG and USAID to ensure a clear understanding of strategic needs. IDG is implementing technical advisory services and advancing core requirements of a strong public financial management institution, to establish a PFM system with processes, procedures, and systems that can receive funds on behalf of the Government of Venezuela, manage them, spend them, and account for expenditures. The key focus areas include:

  • Expenditure management (budgeting)
  • GFMIS system
  • Revenue administration
  • Anti-money laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing
  • Asset recovery

Additional PFM support has been provided to support the creation of a Comptroller’s office, designed to provide financial oversight for the IG budget. This new office, in Miami, FL, is a distinct priority of the IG and IDG has focused efforts to facilitate its implementation through salary support, procurements, and rent support.

Institutional Support Contracts

IDG is supporting the Venezuelan Interim Government commissions by providing staffing, contracting specialized services, facilitating travel logistics, and supporting other needs that arise. These support services are specifically provided for the President’s office in Venezuela, the diplomatic representation in the United States, the Foreign Affairs commission based in Embassies worldwide, and the Special Attorney General’s based in the United States.