Global Collaboration: Strengthening Business Connections in Eastern Europe

In business, connections are like the threads that weave together the fabric of opportunity and success; the country of Georgia is a testament to that. Nestled at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, Georgia forms a bustling junction where global trade and transit converge. Thanks to successful free trade agreements, recent years have witnessed a surge in the country’s market potential. To harness Georgia’s market access and geographic location, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Economic Development, Governance, and Enterprise (EDGE) Growth Project teamed up with the USAID Economic Security Program (ESP) to support a transformative initiative—the Ukrainian-Georgian Business Hub.

Photo: Representatives from USAID EDGE, USAID ESP, Ukrainian Georgian Business Hub, and Sweeft Digital  

Through this visionary initiative, we’re bridging connections between Ukrainian professionals and businesses who were displaced by Russia’s War on Ukraine, linking them with their Georgian counterparts. The USAID EDGE project, implemented by IDG, provided information about Ukrainian-owned companies from the National Agency of Public Registry of Georgia business registry to support the hub. Since the conflict began, about 6200 Ukrainian-owned businesses have registered at the National Agency of Public Registry of Georgia. The first company to benefit from this partnership is Sweeft Digital—a prominent player in Georgia’s IT sector with a presence in 14 countries.

Whether opening doors to new opportunities, offering valuable insights, or providing support and advice, the USAID EDGE project is dedicated to addressing global development by enhancing the business environment.