Areas of Expertise

Project Monitoring Systems

Monitoring activities must not only generate the data to measure individual project success but also feed into donor monitoring systems and generate data to measure progress towards donor objectives. IDG works with donors to develop and implement effective monitoring activities that yield the data that needed to measure progress, adapt, and tell a donor’s story. Strong systems reinforce learning to improve effectiveness and promote accountability. Strengthening local capacity in monitoring reinforces host country ability to deliver development outcomes.

Our monitoring model begins at program/project/activity design with a program theory framework along proposed causal pathways. We facilitate problem and opportunity trees, outcome mapping, and articulation of inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes, and impacts. This allows teams to develop a logical framework and learning agenda to measure proposed causal links, and to develop the new indicators that will meet their needs. We help donors and implementing partners model and map systems and stakeholders, to readily identify challenges and opportunities as they arise, building CLA directly into MEL planning. We work collaboratively to develop comprehensive but practical MEL plans, design robust monitoring systems, develop and digitize data collection tools using approved technologies, create user-friendly dashboards for internal users and external transparency, and plan for oversight and quality control of data collection in the field.

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