IDG’s $65M USAID Initiative to Transform Education in Africa

We are pleased to announce the launch of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Advancing Learning Outcomes in Africa (ALOA). ALOA will offer analytical and implementation support to USAID Missions in Sub-Saharan Africa, working alongside the Africa Regional Bureau Education team to develop, implement, and assess a comprehensive range of education programs. ALOA is a five-year, $65 million initiative under the OASIS Small Business (Pool 1) contract mechanism.  

David Snelbecker, CEO of International Development Group, LLC, emphasized the project’s mission, stating, “This initiative is geared towards delivering precise and timely technical support to propel educational advancements in Africa and align with the strategic priorities of USAID. Our vision is to enhance the efficacy of interventions while strengthening the capacity of both Missions and local partner organizations.” 

ALOA features three intermediate results, including strengthened evidence and measurement, enhanced leadership and capacity building, and increased support for Mission and Africa Bureau program implementation. IDG looks forward to working with USAID and its partners on this important regional initiative.