TAP EG is Soliciting Proposals from Qualified Organizations with a Background in Qualitative Research and Digital Transformation

UPDATE (3/6): RFP Deadline has been extended. The revised RFP can be found here.

The International Development Group (IDG) is soliciting proposals from qualified organizations to provide technical services to USAID’s Technical Assistance Project for Economic Growth (TAP EG) for potential activities related to Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment (DECA). We are looking for firms with a strong qualitative research and digital transformation background that have conducted country-wide assessments of the digital ecosystem.

This procurement will be a full and open competition process and will require a formal technical and cost proposal submission as outlined in our Request for Proposal (RFP). IDG anticipates awarding a Cost-Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF).

You can download the budget template here. A prior RFP answers questions received from interested vendors. All proposals, consisting of the documentation required, must be submitted electronically to procurement@internationaldevelopmentgroup.com on or before March 10, 2023.