The New Enterprise Development Project

Middle East and North Africa
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The New Enterprise Development project was part of USAID’s overall strategy to assist the Government of Morocco in liberalizing the economy and opening up private sector opportunities to the general population. The goal was to increase employment and output through the development of small and medium enterprises. The purpose was to increase the number of new business start-ups and expand existing business in the SME sector.

As part of the project, IDG analyzed the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Program in Morocco and established an educational resource for SME development through franchising. Specifically, IDG assisted the CEM in identifying existing Moroccan businesses with the potential and the resources to be packaged as franchises; assisted the CEM and American Chamber of Commerce in Casablanca with identifying potential Moroccan licensees with interest in contracting with American franchisors; identified and negotiated contracts with US and South African franchises that were interested in expanding to Morocco; designed and implemented a franchising training program and one-day workshop for Moroccan businessmen; designed a curriculum for a follow-up training program.

In addition, IDG planned and hosted a Franchise Conference in Casablanca, which IDG consultants promoted in Morocco and throughout North Africa. IDG's responsibilities included negotiating accreditation by the International Franchise Association, arranging sponsorship of the conference by other organizations, contacting existing franchisors to participate as speakers, evaluating logistical requirements and budget constraints, preparing advertisements for the conference and moderating conference panels.